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How to Plan Your Trek to Choquequirao: A Guide to an Adventurous Journey


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Choquequirao, often regarded as the “Sacred Sister” to the grand archaeological site of Machu Picchu, is a mystical Incan citadel situated on the remote hills of Vilcabamba range in the Andes. The vast complex is yet to be fully restored and is only partially open to the public, but that does not seem to hinder the excitement of hikers who traverse its challenging trails. If you are an adventure seeker seeking to experience the beauty and remoteness of this ancient citadel, we have you covered. This blog post will give you a comprehensive guide on how to plan your trek to Choquequirao.

How to plan your Trek to Choquequirao?.

Embarking on a trek to the ancient Incan city of Choquequirao, often described as the sister city of Machu Picchu, is no small feat. But with careful planning, your journey can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Start by selecting the ideal time for your Trek to Choquequirao. The dry season between May and October is often considered to be the best time to visit, offering clear skies and milder temperatures.

Next, ensure that you’re physically prepared for the trek. Regular cardio exercise in the months leading up to your trek will build your stamina and help you acclimate to the higher altitude.

Make a checklist of essential gear you’ll need to carry along. This should include sturdy hiking boots, a comfortable backpack, warm clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit among other necessities.
Don’t forget to arrange for reliable guides and porters, who can not only help navigate the challenging terrain but also share insights about the local culture and history.

Lastly, respect the environment and local communities during your trek. Leave no trace behind and make sure your journey is sustainable and responsible.

With adequate planning and preparation, your Trek to Choquequirao will not only be a journey into the heart of the Andean wilderness, but also a step back in time to the glory days of the Incan civilization.

Plan Your Trek to Choquequirao

1. Pick a Season for Your Trek.

It is important to choose the perfect season for your trek to Choquequirao. The location of the citadel results in unpredictable weather even during the dry months of May through September. The best months for a trek would be May through August but it is important to check the weather forecast of the area before you plan for your trek.

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2. Choose Your Tour Provider.

The trek to Choquequirao is arduous and the trail is not well-marked, so it is important to pick a tour provider that is experienced and reliable. A tour provider will ensure your safety by providing proper guidance, equipment, and food on your trek. There are plenty of tour providers to choose from so it is important to do thorough research and read reviews of their service before picking one.

3. Prepare for the Trek.

Before the trek, it is important to be prepared physically and mentally. If this is your first time trekking, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with basic hiking techniques, and practice regularly for weeks leading up to your trip. It is best to carry a waterproof backpack, comfortable shoes, and proper trekking gear. Hiring a trekking guide is always best, but it is also important to carry a map and a compass.

4. Trekking Route Options.

The trek to Choquequirao can take between 4 to 8 days depending on the route you choose. The most popular route is the Classic Route, which is a 4-day hike, with the option to explore the beautiful citadel on the fifth day. Another option is the Longer Route, which takes between 8-9 days to complete and is ideal if you want to avoid crowds and experience nature at a slower pace.

5. Permits and Entrance Fees.

To enter Choquequirao, you have to buy an admission ticket, which can be bought in Cusco or as part of a tour package through your provider. Note that in addition to entrance fees, some trekking routes require permits, which can be acquired through the local tourism office or through your tour provider. It is important to ask your tour provider if the permits are included in your package.


The trek to Choquequirao is a challenging and exciting journey for every adventure-seeker. It is important to plan for your journey well in advance, paying attention to the weather, tour providers, equipment, and route options. With proper preparation, you can have a safe and thrilling experience, exploring the ancient Inca ruins that have stood for centuries, commanding awe and wonder for tourists around the world. We hope you can use this guide to plan your perfect trekking trip to Choquequirao.

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