Choquequirao Route Options

Choquequirao Route Options: Choquequirao is not just a magnificent trekking area it also provides an region suitable for history, bird watching and lifetime adventures; it is situated in the west of the Cusco once the capital of the Incas, the mere view of Choquequirao is a dream coming true for challenge seekers all around the world. If you have it in you, to explore the beauty of Peru and to get a chance to peek in to the lifestyle of the people living in incorporation with the Incas, the Choquequirao Classic Trek is highly recommended.

The Choquequirao region is home to several peaks like Salkantay, Padreyuc, San Critobal, etc. What more do you get on the trek to this astonishingly beautiful region? The chances to view the beautiful scenic sites and the Inca settlement of Choquequirao that adorn the region; the village of Cachora is the entry point of the Choquequirao Classic Trek. The biodiversity of this region is unparalleled with any other area in the world and this fact can be well proved upon embarking on the most famous treks of this region.

To breathe in the air and beauty of this region, the best season would be on the spring, winter and the autumn on the months from March to September. The weather on other months is too rainy for travel and the cold temperatures make it difficult to trek across Choquequirao regions. The difficulty of the trekking trails is determined by the trail that is being embarked upon. However, the Altitude Mountain Sickness is a common condition and should be avoided as much as possible by ensuring proper acclimatization. Attainment of proper information from an experienced guide too is highly recommended.

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