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Choquequirao Trek Preparations

Choquequirao Trek Preparations

Choquequirao Trek Preparations: Choquequirao Trek is re-living the historical moments of trekking journey accomplished by the adventurers of yesteryears. An epic adventure and one of its kinds in the entire universe, as it has an excellent compilation of exquisite and elusive trekking destinations, showcasing vibrant and versatile diverse natural splendors along with majestic Vilcabamba range that holds one of the Peru’s highest mountains.

Choquequirao Trek Preparations: For Choquequirao Classic Trek, physical fitness is very important part of an enjoyable experience; but you do not need to be an athlete or marathon runner to enjoy the trekking in the Peruvian Andes especially in the region of Choquequirao. Most people of good fitness for their age can complete our treks. Trekking to Choquequirao is a walking holiday at your own pace enjoying the scenic vista and cultural contrast to its fullest.

Most first-time trekkers are concerned that they won’t keep up, but soon discover that a steady pace will have for them a destination well before they would have expected. These treks are not running competition but walking holidays for people of all ages. However, the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy it, and you will have enough energy for extra activities.

There are three basic components in Choquequirao trek preparation – aerobic, strength and mental. Aerobic conditioning is important primarily because you will be trekking in thinner air, up to 40% less than at sea level. With good aerobic conditioning, you will be able to get a better metabolism whatever oxygen is available to you.

You should plan on doing at least one hour of aerobic 3 /4 times per week for 1 month or more before your arrival in Peru. Walking, jogging, cycling, hiking on valley floor to ridge line ascents with day back are some of the excellent forms of exercise, so as long as you are strengthening leg muscles and building stamina. Speed is not the essence; stamina, confidence and continuity are. Mental preparation is often overlooked by many trekkers who have otherwise prepared well in all other areas. While trekking may require a lot of physical efforts, something to endure as the only way to see remote parts of Choquequirao, it can be a very enjoyable exercise of itself.

Trekking the Choquequirao Classic Trek is a relatively safe activity and mishaps or problems are usually minor. However, unpleasant things may occur on a long trek. You might have a bout of mild illness, not proper sleep as usual, find the trek pace too fast or slow there might be number of things annoying or stressful during some part of your trek.

Before you leave for Choquequirao trek, think about the journey as more than just a quest to reach a destination. Try to imagine your trip as an opportunity to experience whatever happens as an essential part of the journey. It does not matter so much whether you actually reach Choquequirao or Machu Picchu.

Treks can vary enormously in terms of daily distances, ascents, descents and altitude(s), but all require specific preparation to ensure you get the maximum from your trekking trip. Our trekking training tips – including advice on trekking equipment, nutrition, hydration and specific trekking training – will help you prepare correctly for your trek so that you’re not left nursing blisters and sore legs after the first day.

Why the Choquequirao Trek Preparations?

Preparing for Choquequirao Classic Trek is no different from preparing for a long distance run or a long distance trail walking. The only difference being a trek is not a competition and you can walk at your pace and enjoy the serenity around you. For Choquequirao Classic Trek you need to adapt your body to stress and build on it slowly and steadily to be able to handle more stress in the future. The idea is to toughen your body to withstand extreme conditions of the trek. Believe walking for 5-6 hours in high altitude or at an altitude of even 3000 feet is taxing if you are not used to it or if you are not fit.

This is not achieved overnight though. This training has to start at least three to six months in advance for your body to get attuned to the stress levels that it will go through. If you intend to take trekking or any outdoor activity seriously and plan to go on regular treks then training on a regular basis would be helpful.

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