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Our Trekking Licenses

Peruvian Tour Operators are required to obtain Trekking Licenses in order for them to operate legally in the Choquequirao region of Peru. Trekking Licenses are issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism and are subject to certain criteria and regulations that must be met in order for the license to be granted.

At Sunrise Peru Trek, we are proud to be a 100% Peruvian tour operator based in Cusco – Peru. Our commitment to quality of service and sustainability is incomparable, and demonstrated by the fact that we have full licensing from the Peruvian government and tourism authorities. Our licenses include all relevant permits needed to operate as a tour operator, including taxes and compliance with all labor rights laws of our personnel. When you travel with Sunrise Peru Trek Tour Operator, you can be sure that your safety and enjoyment are in good hands. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience exceeds all expectations, while providing excellent customer service every step of the way. Our commitment to sustainability means that we prioritize the safety of both our customers and the natural environment, which allows us to preserve the beauty of Peru for generations to come. Our commitment to quality service ensures that your trip will be a unique experience made just for you. So book with Sunrise Peru Trek Tour Operator today, and experience all that Peru has to offer!