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Choquequirao Trek with SPT
Going trekking to Choquequirao? Let’s help you with a snapshot overview of what’s likely the best treks in Choquequirao. At least, they are currently the most popular treks in Peru, based on number of trekkers.


The Company “SUNRISE PERU TREK” is a high professional tour operator in Peru based in the historical capital of the Incas – Cusco: since 1999, we have been operating tour and treks in the region of Choquequirao Cusco – Peru. Our company was registered in September 1999 in the Company Register office, Department of Tourism Industry, Cusco – Peru to obtain a license to operate Trekking and Travel related tourism activities within Peru.


Choquequirao stretches out in all directions, covering some of the most varied and astounding terrain on earth, trekking on trails past villages and terraces painted green and gold by both paddy and mustard, and strolling past Snow Mountains are just a few activities you can expect to encounter in (our) beautiful Cusco.

Whether your interest is adventurous or cultural, “Sunrise Peru Trek” will satisfy all (its) visitors with a wide range of exciting experiences. Riding a horse or trek with a caravan searching the “Cradle of the Incas” or Machu Picchu. The limits of your adventure in Choquequirao are the limits of your imagination.


“Sunrise Peru Trek” is an owner-operated company of qualified and experienced outdoor professionals. Our team members were born in the region of Cusco (Peru) and have spent their childhoods traversing the endless trails of these parts of the country. Our staff has intimate knowledge of the terrain, the people, and the cultures you will encounter on your trek. With these years of experience and knowledge, it is our goal to provide a memorable and safe experience. We follow a social philosophy that seeks to be responsible to the society and the environment in which we work. FREQUENT! Our guides have respect for the natural environment in which they work and live. With our solid experience and international reputation for leading the way in adventure travel, we set out on exciting but safe, independent and fully supported group wilderness treks and expeditions.


“Sunrise Peru Trek” supplies all the necessary support and equipment. We make all the arrangements, including ground transportation and an orientation talk before departure. We provide all the outdoor gear needed to enjoy the comforts of home while experiencing the great biodiversity of  Choquequirao, such as: two-person insulated tents, sleeping mattresses, dining tents, tables and chairs, lanterns, toilet tents, and comprehensive first aid kits.


At “Sunrise Peru Trek”, you can expect delicious cuisine throughout your adventure in Choquequirao. Food will be prepared freshly and hygienically to maximize and maintain health and energy levels. We serve hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with stops for snacks to revive your energy along the way. We promise you won’t go hungry!


We provide a full staff including a trek leader, assistant guides, chefs, kitchen staff, horses and porters who carry all the gear. We provide information about the environment, culture, wildlife, flora and fauna. We address your personal questions and concerns and work together to accommodate your needs, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the outdoors.


No matter how experienced you are in outdoor environments, it is important to have someone to help orientating yourself to a new area. Ignorance costs lives. A qualified guide is a minimum safety requirement and can also enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the region as they‘re not only your geographical guide, but your cultural and linguistic guide as well.


A major concern along the trekking routes is the transport of safe drinking water. At “Sunrise Peru Trek”, we do not support the use of plastic water bottles. Rather, we boil safe drinking water and also have water sterilization drops available for your trek. We also cook over propane gas and carry out all rubbish acquired, in order to reduce our impact on the natural surroundings. Please trek only with environmentally responsible companies.


Extraordinary Guides

The quality of “Sunrise Peru Trek” guides, are the single most important factor that creates a truly fantastic experience on any outdoor adventure tour. It’s for this reason we are committed to hiring and training the best guides in the industry. To ensure this, we seek out career-minded guides, evaluate them on a 7-day guide course; have them shadow senior guides, and conduct periodic staff trainings.

In addition to technical competency and credentials, we also require excellent people skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a great get-away into an unforgettable, inspiring – and sometimes truly life changing – adventure.

Support Team

“Sunrise Peru Trek’s” support team consists of more than twenty exceptional staff members who fulfill a variety of roles including helping guests via phone and email, coordinating logistics, screening, preparation coaching, training staff, managing gear and vehicles, driving shuttles, running non-emergency evacuations, creating schedules and a lot more! These folks are behind the people scenes who are instrumental in making it all work.

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