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Choquequirao Info: Every year Choquequirao attracts +8,000 trekkers. That also means that every year +8,000 people are faced with the hard choice of selecting which trekking destination to explore in To Choquequirao. Let’s face it – this is not an easy choice.

Choquequirao Info: Choquequirao or Chuqik’iraw is a Quechua expression that means «Golden Cradle”; it is an Inca site in the south of Peru, similar in structure and architecture to Machu Picchu. The ruins are buildings and terraces at levels above and below Sunch’u Pata, the truncated hill top. The hill top was anciently leveled and ringed with stones to create a 30 by 50m platform.

Choquequirao is located in the Valley of Vilcabamba in the province of “La Convencion” – Cusco at an altitude of 3,300 masl and 1500m on the roaring waters of the Apurimac River. According to chronicles, Choquequirao was the last Inca refuge from 1536, from where the Incas offered resistance against the “Conquistadores/Conquerors”. The archaeological site is known as the «Holy Sister» for being as important as Machu Picchu, its architecture and design used in construction. The city is an inspiring a ceremonial center of the Inca elite example, dedicated to the worship of the gods of the mountains, the river and the elements of nature.

The scenery of Choquequirao, is spectacular, the area is surrounded by majestic peaks of the Vilcabamba mountain range and the deep slopes of own jungle vegetation.

The Choquequirao has always been known as «Golden cradle». Many of the primordial history, religion, culture and tradition as well as legends and myths emanate from the awesome Choquequirao. The Choquequirao harbors many holy Temple and Shrines, sacred rivers and Mountains in the wilderness and remote parts of the region.

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In this immensely diverse and mountainous topography, varied climate and mix of people combines to produce a magical attraction for outsiders. Many foreign visitors come to trek this beautiful regions. To trek, one does not have to be bizarre, neither a mountaineer nor an athlete. Anyone with a pair of strong legs and the spirit for adventure to explore the exotic will enjoy the thrills of trekking Choquequirao.


One of the most popular and recommended route is by Cachora village, if you want comfort, you can choose to rent a drover with mules to carry your luggage, because in this way, transit of the mules without difficulty.  From Cusco, we’ll take a private transportation to take us down the road to Abancay, at km 154 take the diversion that will take us to Cachora (about 4 or 5 hours). Here is the concentration, the carriers will be waiting to start the Choquequirao adventure; the road is narrow but in good condition, reach Choquequirao requires good physical condition and suitable for hiking equipment. It is necessary to lower the Apurimac River to camp.


  • Location: In the District of Santa Teresa, Province of La Convención, Department of Cusco.
  • Climate: Warm alternated with cold temperatures at night.
  • Average temperature: The average annual temperature is 16 ° C.
  • Season: In general, the climate is characterized by the alternation of a dry season (April – August).
  • Access by land: In order to access the place, at present, we start from Cusco on the road to Abancay, until we take the detour to Cachora (2,800 masl), in the department of Apurímac, the journey takes approximately 4 hours. This is where the walk begins; some travelers decide to hire muleteers and mules to carry their luggage. The entire round trip lasts 4 days and it is necessary to camp along the way.

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