Classic Choquekirao Trek 4 Days

  • Classic Choquekirao Trek
  • Classic Choquekirao Trek
  • Classic Choquekirao Trek
  • Classic Choquekirao Trek

Classic Choquequirao Trek takes you to cross Apurimac Canyon; It is a beautiful Trek, All inclusive, Portered and escorted by experienced guide. Only suitable for adventure and mountain lovers.

Classic Choquequirao Trek is the most memorable Trekking Package in Peru without beatings.
If you are looking for a trek that, in a short time and without climbing too high, will allow you to enjoy one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the world, congratulations, you have just found it.

4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek is an incredible and arduous trek that will take you to one of the last refuges of the Inca civilization. Choquekirao located at 3,303m/10,168ft is a large archaeological site still under brush and under restoration, located in the vicinity of the sacred mountain (APU) Salkantay (6,272m/20,679ft) and the Apurimac Canyon. During the Trek, you will observe magnificent mountain landscapes, as well as a large part of the Andean flora and fauna.

The ascent to the Choquekirao is the best and fastest way to see yourself surrounded by the giants of the Andes, learn the history of the Incas and meet their people. Several peaks you’ll see before you arrive to the Inca site of Choquekirao. You will also enter to rainforest, and the incredible canyon of Apurimac.This trek is the best alternative Trail to the crowded Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

General Description:

Choquekirao, kown as the “cradle of gold” in Quechua, is located at 3,050 meters of altitude, carved in stone by the Incas, where the organization of the Tawantinsuyo Empire (The four regions) was strictly directed by an Inca ruler. Choquekirao is protected by the Apurimac River. and is surrounded by snow-capped peaks of Yanama, Ampay, Choquetarpu, Padreyoc and Pumasillo. This is a classic Inca city, with sacred sectors, ritual temples, astronomical sites, urban and agricultural centers. Only 30% of its total area was excavated, but an alliance between the governments of Peru and France has promised to speed up the work and they bet on turning it into a new Machu Picchu. To rech there is only by trekking for now.

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Important Details for 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek



  • Trek through the Apurimac canyon until you reach the Inca site of Choquekirao, considered the sacred sister of Machu Picchu.
  • Enjoy a serious physical challenge: steep climbs and descents through the incredible Apurimac Canyon
  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery and a variety of flora and fauna.
  • High probability to see the Condors overflying Choquekirao
  • Choquekirao is a much less crowded and more authentic trekking experience than the classic Inca Trail.
    Pass through small towns along the way and learn how Peruvians live in remote areas.
  • Soak in views of snow-capped mountains and impressive Inca ruins.

Trekking Facts

  • ACCOMMODATION: 3 nights camping
  • TRANSPORT: All transportation by private vehicle: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Cusco.
  • CAMPING GEAR: It Is included all camping facilities and horses to load the equipment and your personal belongings in duffel bags that we provide.
  • MEALS: All meals during the trek, prepared by our mountain chef.
  • GUIDED: Services of a professional tour guide: English and Spanish.
  • GROUP SIZE: Minimum 2; Maximum 10.
  • BEST TIME TO DO IT: From April to early november.

Why should you do Classic Choquekirao Trek with us?

  • Our riders are treated with respect, we provide them with a fair wage, a decent tent with a mat, good food and proper equipment. We take care of their health, their well-being and the health of their families,
  • we also get involved in social projects to improve their lives.
  • We are a practical, punctual, reliable travel agency that welcomes individuals or groups.
  • We do not share our Classic Choquekirao trek with other companies.
  • Small groups of 2 to 8 people maximum. This fact differentiates us from other travel agencies that accept larger groups. However, if you are a family or friends of more than 8 people, we can also organize your trip to Choquekirao without any problem.
  • SPT Travel & Tours is a 100% local travel agency and fully licensed for Classic Choquekirao trek operator.
  • Our tour guides pride themselves on being up-to-date and have a comprehensive continuing professional development program. We love to show how fascinating and surprising Choquekirao is.

Short Itinerary for Classic Choquekirao Trek

Day 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Chiquiska – Playa Rosalina.

4:30 hours drive by car and trek only down until we arrive to “Playa Rosalina” Camp. On the way we’ll stop for lunch at Chiquiska. A small community with toilets facilities and places where you can purchase drinks like water. Etc.

Day 2: Playa Rosalina – Choquekirao.

A top day; it is better start very early since the sun will be very strong at mid-day. The hike is only up until we reach the community of Maranpata, then the trail continues undulating until the camp of Choquekirao.

Day 3: Choquequirao -Santa Rosa – Chiquiska.

Explore the all Choquekirao inca site including the Llama sector. Then return to Maranpata for lunch and in the afternoon trek to Chiquiska Camp.

Day 4: Chiquiska – Capuliyoc – Cusco.

4-hour up to and stop for lunch in the zone of Capuliyoc. After Lunch take our private car and return to Cusco.


Detailed 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Chiquiska – Playa Rosalina.

Highlights: Spectacular views of the Vilcabamba mountain range with its snow-capped peaks and the Apurimac canyon.

«First steps in the wild and deepest canyon in the world: Apurímac Canyon.»

Today we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 5:00 a.m. Then Travel for 4:30 hours to Capuliyuc 2,900m/9,512ft, the trailhead. In this place we will meet our muleteers and our horses, where we will prepare for the walk.

We will start our 4-Day Classic Choquequirao Trek with a walk of approximately 3 hours on a downhill trail to reach the lunch spot called Chikiska located at 1,900 m / 6,213 ft with impressive views of the snow-capped mountains of the Vilcabamba mountain range and the Apurimac Canyon, through which is running the Apurimac River; One pf the biggest river in the region of Cusco. In Chikiska we will enjoy our fresh lunch that we have just prepared. After lunch, we will walk 1 more hour to reach the first camp called La Playa Rosalina 1,500m / 4,920ft, where we will spend the first night. In the evening we have tea time and then dinner. All meals included except breakfast.

  • Walking time: about 4- 5 hours.
  • Walking distance: 8 km/ 4.9 miles.
  • Highest point: 2,900 m / 9,512 ft
  • Lowest point: 1,500 m / 4,920 ft

Day 2: Playa Rosalina – Choquekirao.

Highlights: First views of the Choquequirao archaeological site and incredible sunset over Choquekirao, plus amazing views of the Apurimac Canyon.

First views of the Inca site of Choquekirao.

Today you’ll have an early wake up call with a good coca tea; a very recommendable drink for the altitude. Then we’ll have a nutritious breakfast, after that, we will climb for about 5 hours through the steep zigzag road to reach the community of Maranpata, where we will have our lunch. From this lunch spot we will see part of the mystical Choquekirao. After lunch, we will walk for 2 hours to reach the second camp, located in the Choquekirao Park 2,950 m / 9,676 ft. This afternoon, we will explore part of the religious site of Choquekirao site, where we will enjoy a magnificent sunset, then we will return to our camp. All meals included.

  • Walking time: about 8 hours
  • Walking distance: 14 km / 8.7 miles.
  • Highest point: 2,950 m / 9,676 ft
  • Lowest point: 1,500 m / 4,920 ft

Day 3: Choquekirao -Santa Rosa – Chiquiska.

Highlights: Further exploration of Choquekirao archaeological Inca site, learn about coca plants, cocoa plants, and other local fruits.

Explore all important sites of the Inca site of Choquekirao.

After good breakfast, we’ll prepare us for another beautiful day, today we will return to explore the other parts (barrios) of Choquekirao (3050m / 10,007 ft) and the terraces with llamas for about 2 hours. Then we’ll to Marampata (2940m / 9646 ft) where you can rest and purchase some drinks. From Maranpata we’ll begging descend for about 2 hours on a steep switchback trail to reach the Santa Rosa site. Here you’ll enjoy a nutritious lunch. Then we’ll continue one hour down to Playa Rosalina and one hour up to Chiquiska Camp.

  • Total Walking Distance: 8.9km
  • Total Walking Time: 6-7 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 1520m (4986 ft)
  • Maximum Altitude: 2940m (9646 ft)

Day 4: Chiquiska – Capuliyoc – Cusco.

Today we’ll finish our 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek. Aftre an early breakfast we’ll continue a 4-hour ascent to Capuliyoc. When we reach our destination, we are again rewarded with spectacular views. Our car will be waiting here to pick us up to begin the 4.5-hour drive to Cusco.

On the way we have the opportunity to visit Saywite (3500m / 11,483ft) which is a beautiful archaeological site located in the district of Curahuasi. It is an Inca complex that was probably built in the XV century. Saywite occupies an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares that houses important samples of Inca stone art, as well as religious and ritual spaces.

On the other hand, if all we want is to relax, we can visit the Termal baths of  Cconoc (1780m / 5840 ft). Its waters reach temperatures of 26°C and 35°C with a pH of 6.9, and are surrounded by carob trees, reedbeds and cactus. It is a wonderful place to relax. The medicinal properties of the thermal baths and their pleasant temperatures offer the perfect place to rest your muscles and feet after this incredible 4-day trek in Choquequirao.

Finally, we get on our private car to continue the trip back to the city of Cusco, where we will arrive around 6:00 p.m.

  • Total walking distance: 7 km
  • Total hiking time: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum altitude: 1,950 m (6,397 ft)
  • Maximum altitude: 2,970 m (9,744 ft)



Included items for 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek

  • Private transport from hotel in Cusco to Capuliyoc.
  • Private transport back to hotel  in Cusco from Capuliyoc at the end of our journey.
  • Entrance ticket to Choquekirao.
  • Entrance ticket to Sayhuite monolith.
  • PRO 4 season tent (04 people tent for 02 people)
  • air mattresses (Therma-Rest), and Pillow.
  • All camping equipment, a dining tent with table and chairs, and a kitchen tent, manned by a professional cooking staff.
  • Professional Trek Leader.
  • Meals: Breakfast (4), lunch (4), dinner (3), and snacks.
  • A professional Trekking chef.
  • SPT Travel & Tour Duffel bags where to will put your personal items.
  • Horses, and muleteers; horses carry your 8-kg / 16-pound personal items.
  • Oxygen Tank.
  • Emergency Horse.

No Included

  • Sleeping bags (available for renting).
  • Hiking poles (available for renting).
  • Extra expenditure during the trek, such as: soda, alcoholic drinks, extra snacks.
  • Tipping for Leaders, porters or muleteers, and other staff (expected but NOT compulsory, your own appreciation).
  • Travel and health insurance (bring copies with you please), we highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation, interruption; an insurance to protect your travel investment, included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance. Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control, including changes in scheduling trains or flights, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, etc. it should be covered by the passenger as a whole. Also, if you for physical reasons of health cannot continue the trek or walk, and will need emergency evacuation then all charges incurred such as transportation, hotel, ambulance, doctors, medication, hospitalization, etc. will be at passenger’s expense.


Packing list for 4-day Classic Choquekirao Trek.

  • Original passport and some copies.
  • Travel insurance (and some copies).
  • Sleeping bag (or you can rent one from us).
  • Backpack to carry your essential things during the day.
  • Phone and Camera charger and adapter.
  • Camera.
  • Torch or headlamps.
  • Ear Plugs.
  • Deet or mosquito repellent (recommendable 30% deet).
  • Hiking poles (or you can rent one pair from us).
  • Rain gear (especially if traveling in the wet season, from October to March).
  • Comfortable hiking clothes, including warm clothes for the nighttime.
  • Good hiking boots with protector ankle or similar, and one pair of flip-flops or light sandals.
  • Sunblock and sunglasses.
  • 2 -3 Hiking long sleeve T-shirts.
  • 1 Hiking trousers.
  • 1Thermal underwear.
  • Hiking socks.
  • Water bottle or canteen.
  • American dollars and Peruvian soles in cash.
  • Sun hat, cap, and warm hat and gloves for the nighttime.
  • Toilet paper, and face tissue paper.
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g., Ibuprofen).
  • Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may take).

Terms & Condition


  • This is basic terms and conditions to send inquiries to Sunrise Peru Trek
  • It is not commitment that you have to book tours, trekking, expedition or any other service with Sunrise Peru Trek. There are not any service charges for inquiries.
  • This is general inquiry. When you accept terms and condition of Sunrise Peru Trek, it means you accept to send inquires to Sunrise Peru Trek and you agree to receive information of tours, trekking and other services provided by Sunrise Peru Trek.
  • Please kindly inform us, if you are inquiring information or quotation for promotion or business propose. Please inform us, if you are travel agency, tour leader or other organization to propose for group.
  • You are permitted to send as many inquiries to finalize tailor-made itinerary as per your desired holiday (date, route, type services, standard of accommodation, etc). In case of fixed itinerary, you have to be convinced as per groups plan.
  • You will be bounded terms and condition of cancelation charges, amendment charges once you make final decision to book services with Sunrise Peru Trek.


You need to provide us follow personal detail, information of flight (arrival at Cusco and departure from Cusco), Photocopy of passport and photographs.


  • First Name:
  • Family Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Passport No.:
  • Date of Birth:


  • The Arrival Date and time:
  • Flight No.:
  • Departure Date:
  • Departure Time:
  • Flight No.

We will procedure for necessary booking of services required for your trip.
Send you information of availabilities of services.
We will send you final confirmation of tour.


We kindly request with all our client to make payment 40% total bill as booking deposit at the time of booking made. Once you decided to book the trip with us, we will give you our bank account. The balance invoice of your booking to be paid on your arrival at Cusco; You will pay us in cash.

Classic Choquekirao Trek Video


4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek is difficult, do I need to be in good physical condition?

The trail to Choquekirao is certainly not easy, but you don’t have to be an athlete or an expert in trekking to walk it. Physical fitness is naturally important for the trek, and obviously the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the trail and the more likely you will be to take in the scenery and appreciate the Inca ruins dotted along the way. If you don’t exercise regularly, it’s a good idea to take walks, hikes, or some type of additional aerobic activity in the months leading up to your trip. This hike is moderate to difficult.

Are there toilets along the Classic Choquekirao Trek?

Yes, there are toilets in the villages that we are passing through. As well in the caping site and spots for lunch. The toilets are Not like in the cities, but they are running water toilets. Locals will be happy that you can use it as long you can purchase some items that they are selling like water or snacks. Along the trail to Choquekirao there are also shower options; the water is cold but very agreeable since the environment is warm.

What happens if I can’t finish the 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek

In cases that you are unable to finish the 4-Day Classic Choquekirao trek due to a health problem, our guide will assist you and take you to the nearest town for help with transportation. We always carry oxygen on our treks for any respiratory problems. In extreme cases, a helicopter pick-up can be arranged at your expense. (Travel insurance is required). There are no refunds in the unlikely situation that you are unable to finish the trek.

Are we dropped off at the hotel at the end of the Trek?

Absolutely!! This is included in the price of our 4-Day Classic Choquekirao Trek package, on the last day we will drop you off at your hotel! In Cusco. If you have booked your hotel in the Sacred Valley like Ollantaytambo or Urubamba, we will drop you there too! (It has an additional cost of (US$30)

Can I change the departure date for Classic Choquekirao Trek after my booking?

Sure. If you wish, we can modify the departure dates. However, tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please contact the office as soon as possible if you need to change your trekking departure date.

If you cancel your trek, the deposit is non-refundable!

What is the weather like at 4-Days Classic Choquekirao Trek?

The weather is very unpredictable and difficult to predict. We recommend that you always dress in layers, as it is easier to adapt to different climates.

Can I suffer from altitude sickness during this Trekking?

Can I suffer from altitude sickness during this Trekking?

In general, if you train regularly and spend a few days in Cusco or the Sacred Valley, you will be able to acclimatize normally. It usually takes between 24 hours and 2 days for proper acclimatization.

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Trip Facts

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
Accommodation: Camping Tents
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude: 3050masl
Group Size: Minimum 2 / average 6 people

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    Choquequirao Map

    Avoiding Altitude Sickness

    We highly recommended that you spend at least two days in Cusco acclimatizing before beginning your Choquequirao Trek. We’ll assist you to organize hotels and excursions in Cusco for these all important acclimatization days. Cusco is unfortunately relatively high at 3,400m / 11,150ft so you will undoubtedly start feeling the altitude as soon as you arrive. Try not to exert yourself whilst in Cusco and drink lots of water. You can read more about acclimatisation and altitude sickness here.

    Trekking route profile to Choquequirao