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CHOQUEQUIRAO TREK: How to arrive to Choquequirao –“cradle of gold”

Many visitors try to reach every year this incredible Inca settlement hidden in the Vilcabmaba Mountain every year. The ascent can be done in different ways, individually or in the environment of an organized group, but always accompanied by authorized guides and porters. Here are some basic concepts that should be known before embarking on this exciting adventure


Due to its privileged geographical situation, you can hike to Choqeuquirao practically all year round however; there are two factors to consider when choosing the season: the weather conditions and the influx of visitors that we will find on the route.

Avoiding the rainiest season (December, January and February), during the rest of the year there are no significant variations in terms of meteorology, which makes it possible to hike to Choquequirao in any other month of the year. The best months may be from March to November, because they are the driest and warmest. Another good time is from June to September; although the temperatures are lower and there are more people (European and North American holidays coincide.) In December (Christmas and New Year) there is also an increase in the number of people trying to hike to Choqeuquirao.

The temperature varies depending on the height, descending from 6°C to 26°. Overcome this area is often found very cold nights and sunny mornings, with the possibility of rain at any time of year. The thermal difference between day and night will become more pronounced as you hike, until you reach the Inca settlement of Choquequirao where the nice weather usually allows you to enjoy the views.

Choquequirao Standard Trekking


Cataloged as moderate and challenge Level.

The trekking to Choquequirao can be closer to a prolonged trekking activity. Not all routes are the same but the common feature is that no knowledge of trekking is required, with the exception of some steps areas.

In general, the roads are marked and have a proper maintenance; the most complicated steps are found in the higher areas. According to this the main difficulties are the accumulated distance and unevenness, and altitude sickness. In the Choquequirao Trekking every day progress is gaining altitude and this requires physical preparation and mentality to not rush and know how far you can get.


With the sunrise, the assistant team prepares breakfast and awakens the hikers. The march starts, carrying only the essentials: water, photography, jacket, insect repellent, sun blog and a snack.

You walk at a slow pace for a better acclimatization, with one guide leading the way and another behind the last person. Noon is the time to stop for lunch, continuing later until the camp, which is installed by our team. Usually there is time in the afternoon for a short acclimatization walk and to rest. The dinners are cooked and are based on foods with a high energy content

Choquequirao Standard Trekking

Choquequirao Standard Trekking


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Choquequirao Standard Trekking

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